Solar Eclipse Creates Spectacular Views

Credit: NASA/SDO

Today, August 21, all of North America was treated to an eclipse of the sun. Our peak viewing time was approximately 2:30 PM. But if you missed it or couldn’t find ISO glasses don’t worry, NASA has recorded some spectacular images of the 2017 Great American Solar Eclipse. NASA Live Streamed video from Charleston, SC & Carbondale, IL.

Many observatories were provided with NASA approved glasses but were available in limited supply. I was out of town for the big event and was very disappointed that I was unable to find glasses before I left. I noticed that many local observatories and libraries were holding special viewing events providing glasses with admission. Fortunately, I was able to find an event and scored glasses with my admission at an out of town observatory. The observatory received over 1000 glasses from NASA and held 400 for the viewing event today. People freely shared their glasses with those arriving too late to receive glasses of their own. People could also view the eclipse from Sun Funnels, Astroscans, Refracting telescopes, Heliostat (the unique instrument provided observers with a large nine foot projection of the sun), Sunspotters and the simple Pinhole Method.

Photo Credit: NASA/SDO

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