How Workers with Disabilities Fare in Putnam County

Putnam County has a proud record of economic strength among its residents with disabilities. That, however, shouldn’t prevent us from remembering the employment challenges they still face. I see it every day in my Social Security Disability law practice.

A report from the organization New York Makes Work Pay examined employment conditions for people with disabilities in Putnam County over a period of years following the recession. It found that about 46 percent of the people in this group were employed, compared with about 75 percent of people without disabilities.

Disability Employment Gap in Putnam County

That left an employment gap of 29 percent.

So even though Putnam County ranked a high third out of 60 New York counties included in the study for employment levels of its citizens with disabilities, that gap represented hundreds of people out of work.

Navigating Social Security Disability

Those are some of the same people we work with to win Social Security Disability benefits.

Those benefits can lift a tremendous burden off the shoulders of some of our Putnam County neighbors, but people have to go through a lot to secure them.

It’s a complex, often frustrating process. To be eligible, the Social Security Administration must determine a claimants’ disabilities will prevent them from working for a year.

When people are denied, they should quickly file an appeal. They have a 60-day window to follow up. Then the appeals themselves require a four-level review process.

Remembering Those Who Need Help

New York Makes Work Pay, which focuses on improving employment rates for people with disabilities, published its report covering Putnam County in 2012. Another one of its findings was that the overall occurrence of disabilities in Putnam County, 7.2 percent of the population, was lower than the New York State average of 8.5 percent.

It can be a quiet group.

If you or someone you know is in this situation and looking for help with Social Security Disability benefits, the attorneys at my firm, James Trauring & Associates, would be honored to provide our expertise.


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By: James Trauring

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