CVS Students Writing for an Authentic Audience

Fifth grade students at CVS captured their recent writing assignments on a dynamic public medium.  The assignment stemmed from the Teacher’s College Reading & Writing Project which is an integral component of our English Language Arts Curriculum.  Given the guidelines of the assignment, students were asked to develop a piece of writing based on a topic that they were passionate about. The students then presented their work on new Google Sites environment.  This environment allows students to seamlessly incorporate pictures, multimedia, and links to other relevant sites.  In producing this work for an authentic audience, the students were motivated to high quality work showcasing the topic that they were passionate about.

Here are some examples of student work.

Attached is a video with teachers Ms. Tangredi and Ms. Gilmartin discussing the development of the writing project.

Original article.


5th Grade Writing on Sites

Brewster’s HamletHub

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